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Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. It was right before sunrise when I took this photo. The sky was transitioning from pink twilight to baby blue. There were about fifteen horses that seemed to be moving with a purpose -- galloping and chasing something unknown to me. It was the horse that lagged who caught my attention. He looked sad and couldn't keep up with the herd.

When I spotted him, he must have been about 300 yards behind the others. He had given up and decided to walk slowly instead. The herd had taken off so quickly they failed to notice their comrade was left behind. My heart went out to him.

Nature itself did most of the work here. This is another photo that could have been taken with an iPhone. Professional equipment matters to a certain extent. With wildlife photography, I'd say that 60%-70% of it is being able to put yourself close to them and being able to predict the animal's behavior.

The rest is up to Mother Nature.


This piece is very different from my other horse art photography. The colors, the mood, the lone sailor, it tugs at your emotions. The art print can be printed small to life-size on Kodak metallic photo paper. Either unframed, wooden frame, or plexiglass, the finish is up to you. Visit our New York gallery to experience the equine artwork for yourself. Displayed on acrylic plexiglass at our exhibit, the photos amazingly come to life.

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