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Chile. Late morning. 

It was a cold morning about -4 degrees. We were trying to spot a Puma since sunrise, but the chances of us getting lucky were slim. 

All of a sudden my tracker spotted a puma that was walking up the mountain. 

We started our trek towards it. After getting close to her, we realized she was not alone; she was with a male puma. She kept on walking higher and higher making our climb even more tedious. When they reached the top of the mountain both of them decided to lay down and sleep. We stopped 25 feet away from them. 

The male puma was not too happy with our presence and kept on looking at us every so often. On his 3rd look, I started to look at my exit options just Incase.

I was so focused climbing up in her direction that I never looked down. But when I did for the first time, I realized we were at a 45 degree angle on a Rocky Mountain that was covered with snow and moss, which was about 1000 feet high. One wrong move would land in a fatal fall as there was nothing in between to hold on to. At this point, the only thing to do was look him in the eye and stay calm while she took a nap. 

After a long, long nap she decided to get up and pose for me; it was all worth it. 

Patients and persistence always pay off.