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Norway, early evening. It's foggy and super cold at the top of the mountain. My guide Sig and I keep sneaking towards these giants. I'm afraid they'll charge at us, but my adrenaline is stronger than my fear. Now we are inching closer. We get about 25 feet away. I'm cautious while looking through my camera because I can’t see the musk oxen to my right or left. Suddenly, two of them start to butt heads. I want to capture their expressions when the two heads meet, so I move closer. I get 15 feet away from them and my nerves are short. The oxen clash but I could not capture the moment because I was overwhelmed with fear. Protecting my self was my first instinct while taking the photo came second.
At that moment, something came over me. I started to think about my Family back home. Their faces put me at ease and rid the fear from my body. Almost instantly, I could see everything in slow motion. One click of the shutter and it was over.

Happy thoughts got the job done.