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Norway, late afternoon; it was about an hour after I had climbed up the mountain. As I got closer to these giants, the storm grew stronger. Initially, I had been shooting from the lower side of the mountain but due to the winds direction, and speed, all the Musk Oxen turned their backs to me. I climbed over the mountain to get to the right position when I reached the other side. I found myself 15 to 20 feet away from these enormous beasts. If one of them had charged at me, I would have fallen the whole way down, for I was at the edge of the mountain, and it was a 1000 foot drop at the very minimum.

After talking myself out of the fear of being next to them, I started to inch in closer. Not one of them moved. Every so often they would open their frozen eyelids and look at me; I was astonished that they allowed me to get in their space.
I would have never been able to get so close if not for Mother Nature. It's true that Mother Nature takes care of us all.