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South India Afternoon.

After six days which seemed like a never-ending journey in search of my elusive sighting, I finally found fortune favor me.

I had a Godsend opportunity to face the tigress. I watched her from a distance and then up close. She glared at me and then hissed; I felt a definite connection. 
That hiss was mesmerizing to me and almost hypnotic. The exchange of energy to something that great cannot be described in words, but only experienced in a real-life situation.

To share the energy of the tigress is to allow the flow of electricity within your being. To me, it was more about a connection, and I felt so connected to her during those few minutes. 

This was a moment in my life that will be unforgettable, it was not a moment of fear or reckoning, but like an unseen eternal power from above. It was a connection with an energy force of this majestic beast, which was a greater force than me, more graceful and more beautiful than anything I have experienced.

To feel the fierce beauty and spiritual energy of the Tigress is what I would wish & hope for everyone. So that the world may learn that we need to take greater care of these greatly endangered species.

Our black and white tiger photography prints come in five sizes the largest one of all is 4 feet by 6.5 feet. To fully immerse yourself with the elegantly stripped tigress, we use metallic photo paper which gives it a unique look and feel. Clients say our wildlife images bring positive feelings to their day and a connection with nature. 

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