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Upper Arctic. Late morning. After photographing this pack for 7 to 10 minutes, my heart was full of joy. 

When their backs turned towards me, and I could not photograph them anymore, I left my camera and started to walk towards them; the Alpha wolf stopped me by turning around and raising his hair on his neck. 

I walked back to my camera and watched them from a distance. After they reached the top of the mountain, the Alpha male and female looked back and glared at me; I felt connected. Connected with everything around me. 

During those 7 minutes I was so present that everything around me felt amazing, seven layers of clothing, two pairs of shoes, and -50-degree weather didn’t have any effect on me. I felt a sense of oneness with my surroundings, harmony with the moment.

Ever since I do everything I can to be in the moment.

The expedition is a once in a lifetime experience that everyone should take, but not many can stand the extreme conditions. Luckily we have one of a kind images for your home. Available in five sizes and custom framing options.

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