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Upper Arctic, late morning. I have always come back from wildlife photography trips or photographing fashion at my studio, thinking about what I could have done better. Always looking at details that I didn’t achieve, never SATISFIED and miserable. 
After being on the ice in the Arctic for days and not getting what I wanted, I was dying from the inside. After giving up and calling off the shoot, I left for town. It was such a disappointment; I could not stop beating myself up. I hated myself for not preparing better, for not thinking ahead, for not having a plan B, for not breathing the right way. I WAS MISERABLE as I always am after my shoots; the only difference was this time I did not shoot.
After one hour of riding, the WOLVES came to me. There were no roads, no path, just mountains, and open land. A difference of 2 minutes or a 20-degree change in the path of direction would have resulted in no wolves. When they came, I photographed them to the best of my capabilities as I always do for all my shoots. After the wolves moved on, I realized my mind was not even trying to find mistakes or telling me what I had done wrong. I didn’t even check to see how my images turned out on my camera. I was not miserable; in fact, I was SATISFIED. 
I was satisfied because I realized I was blessed with those few moments I was given with the wolves. The results didn’t matter. I was blessed just to be so close to them. I am always blessed because I get to do what I love most. And that alone should keep me satisfied, not the results.