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All wildlife pictures have been photographed by Ejaz Khan throughout his expeditions around the world.

You can experience his travels by visiting his short films page.

A little story about our wildlife pictures.

Horse pictures

Wildlife pictures by Ejaz Khan black and white horses running in water

I have taken most of my horse images in Wyoming, Beaufort North Carolina, and Camargue France. I love the strength, beauty and the gentleness of the horse. Inspiring me to bring forth these qualities and inspire others. All the fine art horse photo prints come in five sizes with or without framing.

Arctic Wolf Pictures

wildlife photos by Ejaz Khan of snow wolf

My arctic wolf pictures are taken from my expedition in the Canadian north. It was a very rare and one of a lifetime experience. I spent 9 days in the freezing weather, to experience the energy of the beautiful arctic wolf. To bring back photos that inspire and motivate me every time I lay my eyes on them. Though all my wildlife pictures have the intention of inspiring and motivating others. These are special to me, I had the privilege to get as close as 7 feet from these majestic animals.

Baby Lion Pictures

wildlife images by Ejaz Khan baby lion image running in black and white

I intended to photograph the lions, but when I saw the little guys, my heart melted. I love taking wildlife pictures, but in this case, I was helpless, hypnotized, and inspired. Knowing the dangers of a lioness I had to keep my distance. But these baby lions were so curious, running up to me, giving me an opportunity to photograph them up close. Taking these pictures, I could not help but think of how perfect these images would look in a babies room.

Mountain Lion Pictures

wildlife photos by Ejaz Khan black and white image of mountain lion

I prepare a lot before taking a trip to take wildlife pictures. But nothing could prepare me to walk alongside a wild mountain lion. I was in Chile creating images for my art gallery, looking at the landscape I decided the end product should be black and white photographs. This mountain lion was sleeping when she woke up and saw I was 15 feet away from her she allowed me to stay, later she took a walk and I followed, she didn’t mind. Moments like these make me love nature and wildlife photography even more.

Arctic Fox Pictures

wildlife pictures wildlife arctic fox by ejaz khan

I don’t consider taking arctic fox pictures as wildlife photography because of its appearance. To me, an arctic fox is cute I could have one at home. But I do understand its a wild animal and I must take the same precautions as I would when photographing any other animal in the wild. My arctic fox images are taken in the Canadian Arctic and Svalbard.

Musk Oxen Pictures

wildlife musk oxen from norway

I travel to Norway in order to photograph the musk oxen. Taking wildlife pictures in the snow is one of my most favorite times. Creating an image of musk oxen in snow can get tricky as its dark coat with snow-covered faces makes it very difficult for proper camera exposure. Getting a dramatic image of the musk oxen is not difficult in the snow if you love the cold and have patience,

Reindeer Pictures

raindeer by ejaz khan black and white wildlife photography

As soon as we think of reindeer we think of Christmas. This was the first time in my wildlife photography carrier that I had an opportunity to photograph them. It was not a plan it just happened as I was in Svalbard to photograph polar bears. I am happy to add these beautiful animals to my fine art photography collection.

Monkey Pictures

wildlife photography. black and white monkey fighting in India by ejaz khan

One of the most expressive wildlife imagery can come from monkeys. I travel to southern India to photograph them.

Though very different subspecies the basic mannerism is the same. They are great subjects to create black and white photography.

Bear Pictures

wildlife photography in black and white bear from alaska by ejaz

My bear photographs are taken at Lake Clarke Alaska, these are one of the first wildlife photos I took when starting my wildlife photography carrier. I was so new at this that I didn’t even think about the dangers of getting close to them. All I had was a pepper spray and my camera. I am very biased with my bear images as they are my first. You can also view these amazing grizzly bears and their cubs in our short film View Now.

Bald Eagle Pictures

wildlife images by ejaz khan earth bald eagle photo flying in snow alaska

The salmon travel up to Haines, Alaska in the month of November to spawn. Around 3000 bald eagles come together to feast on these salmon. It is a sight like no other in the wildlife photography business. Sometimes I catch my self looking at this beautiful sight of bald eagles with snow-covered mountains instead of taking photographs. one of my favorite places to visit.

Bison Pictures

Wilflife pictures by Ejaz Khan Earth bison picture in snow. Yellowstone.

Bison is America’s national mammal, I love photographing them in snow. When they run or butt heads it makes for a very dramatic fine art wildlife picture.

My favorite place to photograph them is the yellow stone park.