Another one of my escapades had brought me to the Sunshine State of Florida. Birds being one of the most prolific wildlife species found here, I was hoping to capture some bird pictures for wall art ideas. An area I yet had not tapped into. Having mostly clicked wild predators in the most arduous conditions, I thought bird photography would be comparatively easier on the mind. Oh boy, was I wrong and how.

Beautiful bird pictures

It had been Day Three of clicking bird pictures, sitting in front of this pool of water. From shooting dynamic wild horses galloping through waters, to lay down on the ice in sub-zero temperatures as polar bears walked past me; to my disappointment, this experience was seemingly uneventful so far. I was getting the same run-of-the-mill bird pictures. Nothing that excited me or caused the adrenaline rush that I was so accustomed to on my photography trips. It was then that I realized the challenges of bird photography. It was the first time on these trips that I was bored out of my mind. And this was something that bothered me. These were beautiful birds indeed. They just did not have the movement and vigor I was chasing in my bird images.

The Dance of the Reddish Egret

It had been a while, and I was now starting to get impatient. Just when I had lost all hope of capturing bird images, a Reddish Egret flew past me and perched herself elegantly on the rocks in the water. I watched silently as this rusty-headed bird gaged the waters around her. She looked alert and ready to hunt. Before I knew it, she was in the waters, prancing about as she spread her wings in a canopy. She continued to sprint across the water, moving right then left and simultaneously flapping her wings in and out. I leaped at my camera, capturing every second of her glorious dance. I was finally getting the bird pictures for my wall art ideas. A swift stab into the waters and she emerged victorious with her meal of the day.

With my excitement levels that had just shot up from 0 to 5000, I was left dumbstruck and completely in awe. Taking my eye away from the viewfinder, I spent the next few minutes absorbing this entire experience without my lens.

Considered as one of the most active herons, these copper-necked beautiful birds are often seen on the move. Widely known for their graceful feeding behavior, they distract their prey by energetic movements across waters. They use the shadow of their wings to reduce the glare, luring in fish in shallow waters. Once in position, they spear the fish, giving the climactic end to this rather loony performance.

Never give up

With a roll full of bird images and a happy heart, I left Florida knowing that this trip had not gone to waste. I could not help but imagine what would have happened if my boredom and impatience got the better of me. Had I decided to pack up things for the day and head back to my hotel room, I would not have gotten to experience this beautiful phenomenon. Nature’s own glorious ways of survival. I wondered how things can change in a matter of seconds and how one should keep pushing, shattering all limitations. This experience taught me a great deal of patience and made me realize how this subtle slow-paced moment is essential in an otherwise quickly moving life.

Gallery of Bird Pictures

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