Even if you don’t follow horse racing at all, chances are that you’ve heard of the Kentucky Derby. This quintessential equestrian event is one of the most American sporting events of all, drawing in hordes of people and even making its way to Hollywood. Held every year  in Louisville, Kentucky, this race has millions of people from around the world betting on winning horses. Interestingly, this iconic race only lasts for about two minutes. The short duration of this race has given it the names, “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports” and “The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports.” An event that gets so many people excited and requires months of preparation is over in just the blink of an eye. If you get too caught up in the pre-race festivities you might miss the most important part, the race itself. 

The two minute duration isn’t an exaggeration either. From start to finish, the entire race takes roughly two exciting minutes. Those two minutes can mean a lot to racehorse owners, jockeys and the people betting on them. The race is only about about 1.25 miles long, so you might be asking yourself, “how fast can a horse run?” Historically, every single horse that has won the Kentucky Derby, finished the race in under 125 seconds. If we do the math with these averages, the average speed for Kentucky Derby winners is about 37-38 miles per hour. Of all the 146 races held till date only two victors completed the Derby in less than the two iconic minutes. Namely, Secretariat in 1973 who clocked in at 1:59.40 and Monarchos in 2001 who clocked in at 1:59.97. Both horses really pushed the envelope on how fast can a horse run.


To put some perspective to this, the average horse usually runs at 30 miles per hour. Humans have loved to competitively race horses for centuries, marveling at how fast can a horse run. The Guinness Book of Record holder for the fastest racehorse speed ever recorded was around 43.97 miles per hour. While we can get excited just by how fast can a horse run, the Kentucky Derby is a great example of how fleeting things can be. We often busy ourselves with the smaller details in our daily lives, letting the bigger things get away. It’s important to enjoy the little things but to also not let the race be over before we could appreciate it.

Let’s begin with a question. How many of your thoughts go towards thinking of the present? How often do you think over your future plans or what you should have done in the past? It’s safe to say that most of us dwell on a time gone by and times to come more than whatever is happening in the present. This may sound like a cliche, but all cliches are born from truth. The sad reality is that we tend to focus our energy on parts of our life that we can’t help. Not at the moment at least. 

We concern ourselves with things that we could have done, should have done, or wish that we hadn’t. Sometimes we torture ourselves thinking of every possible outcome and also the consequences of our present actions in the future. We try desperately to outsmart time and be one step ahead of our fate, by thinking carefully of what to do. In all this chaos, we ignore the only time we do have any control over, the present.


The actions that we take now will definitely affect our future. Any choices we make now are votes we cast for the life we want to lead years down the line. That’s okay to worry about. We all want to do things right and make decisions that people will pat us on the back for when they finally pay off. What happens in the meantime is a massive amount of stress and anxiety. We’re unable to truly enjoy ourselves in the time that we have. We waste away our youths, concerned about being the best and doing enough. What we forget is that this time won’t wait for us to get our thoughts in order or to get our life plans together. Time is passing us by right now and the only thing we can do is follow it.

Worry less about having it all figured out right now. Instead, focus on what you do have figured out. Revel in the fact that you’ve made it this far, and you’re only getting started. We have our lives to live, no matter how long. So why should we worry ourselves about time we might not get to see? That too at the expense of the time and experiences that we have been granted in the present. The saddest realization one can have is that they didn’t enjoy themselves when they could have because they were waiting for something. Waiting for a job that pays better, waiting until after they graduate, waiting until after they get married. Don’t wait, you have nothing to lose from being happy now.


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