Upper Arctic. Late morning. Firstly, I prepared for this expedition in New York to capture a photo of arctic wolf 7 months ago. I called trackers to take me out on the ice, researching airline tickets to the Arctic, researching the best times to travel, and also researching Arctic wolf behavior; the list went on and on.

The amount of planning and preparing that goes in a photography expedition to capture a photo of arctic wolf of this kind is so enormous. It takes a lot of effort both on the person that will physically go on the journey, and the people support the trip. Small details from food to equipment to clothing etc. are all put on paper and taken care off to expect any good results. 

A well-prepared project can expect a great result. It’s your job to meet the expectations of all involved.

photo of arcitc wolf walking in snow

View our Short Film on what it took to capture this photo of arctic wolf.

Why is a photo of Arctic wolf is very rare?

It’s so difficult to take pictures of arctic wolves, which are also known as white wolves or polar wolves. Firstly, they are a subspecies of grey wolves native to Canada’s Queen Elizabeth Islands, from Melville Island to Ellesmere Island. Arctic Wolves also have achieved life spans of over 18 years in captivity; however, in the wild, the average life span is only 7 – 10 years or so. They are a medium-sized subspecies, distinguished from the northwestern wolf by its smaller size. Its whiter coloration, its narrower braincase, and also larger carnassials. Since 1930, there has been a progressive reduction in size in Arctic wolf skulls, which is likely the result of wolf-dog hybridization.

Read our amazing Arctic expedition story of how we took this photo of arctic wolf Covered by Nikon

View the short film of our expedition to capture a photo of arctic wolf.


My passion has always been pushing the boundaries of human endurance, coming as I did from the bylines of Mumbai to the Big Apple and exploring the harshest extremes of nature. The lure of Alaska had beckoned, but now I wanted to push the envelope beyond that to the rugged terrain of the icy arctic snow to Grise Fiord, in the northernmost part of Canada, population 132. The planning for such a journey has to be meticulous and took 7 months with someone finally willing to take me to space where no USA photographer had gone before & tracked the Arctic Wolf at the North Pole…. READ MORE ON OUR BLOG

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Bring the best of nature onto your walls through Ejaz Khan Earth’s unique prints. Ejaz has traveled around the world, often in arduous conditions, to capture magnificent animals in their natural habitat. Each photograph tells a story, and each photograph evokes inspiration, emotion and thought. If you have questions about purchasing the prints, please message us below.


  • All of our wildlife and portraits limited edition art prints are signed, dated and numbered by Ejaz Khan.
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  • Our prints are so unique, like the biting horse, the yawning puma, and the musk oxen butting heads, you will never see them any other place in the world.


  • Our artwork is permanently face-mounted to plexiglass using a clear adhesive.
  • A brace will be mounted to the back on archival acid-free museum board, along with a french hanging cleat. The cleat could require additional hardware based on the composition of your wall.
  • Please note our standard plexiglass has a reflective surface which brings a different kind of feel to our wildlife and portrait images.


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