Photographs of Musk Oxen, the Arctic Giant.

On my expeditions to capture Photographs of musk oxen, I have gained so much knowledge of these amazing beasts. With a local name that translates to ‘the bearded one,’ the Arctic Musk Ox is a large herbivore weighing up to 800 pounds or so. They adapt to the Arctic with several layers of hair, and it’s signature horns are a deadly weapon (and make for a significant focus during photography!). You can find herds in the Arctic region. To see one in the flesh is astonishing – it’s so remarkable what Mother Nature is capable of. I had the privilege to photograph them first in Norway than in the Canadian arctic. Most importantly, I was mesmerized each time I came face to face with them. Their coat, a mix of black, grey, and also brown, includes long guard hairs that almost reach the ground.

Natives living in the arctic region generally use the musk ox wool or musk ox yarn due to the length, softness, and also warmth, provides. They also have a very thick layer of horn on top of their forehead that works as a shield for the head butting the mails do for dominance.

Shot in: Norway

How Climate Change Affects the Musk Ox

Taking these Musk Oxen are inexorably linked to climate stress in the Arctic. They do not adapt very well to warm weather temperatures and they are also feeling the brunt of CLIMATE CHANGE. Due to climate change, it’s been found that newborn musk ox has a smaller head size. Pregnant Musk oxen are more vulnerable and also risk starving due to climate change which leads to death or population decrease. Musk ox can push through the loose powdery snow aside with their snout and legs, but when rain falls on top of snow and then refreezes, it forms a hard layer of ice. Muskoxen cannot break through this ice so they struggle to find food. Like many animals, they are forced to migrate northwards as warming temperatures force them to also find new habitats. In the near future, they could run out of places to retreat to.


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