If this reindeer image caught your attention, chances are that you’d accept a reindeer fact that accompanied it. That’s just human nature. We don’t really want to be skeptical about things like reindeer facts; political opinions perhaps. This makes it the responsibility of the writer to educate their audience with facts. Responsibility. Obligation. Duty. Whatever you want to call it, the undertaking of certain roles is a part of all of our lives, even if we’re not too fond of them.

These words might sound daunting or even anxiety-inducing, but rarely mean the same thing to different people. For example, I feel that my responsibilities lie in my art and to those who buy wildlife photography from me. On the other hand, this may be seen as a passion project or hobby for someone else.

Priorities and Responsibilities

If you’re a student, your main responsibility maybe your studies, while the CEO of a corporation has to answer to much heftier responsibilities. However, it should be noted that above all these are still all responsibilities of significance, no matter how big or small. What you take up as your responsibilities and also what you wish is prioritize is what makes all the difference.

As a wildlife photographer, my experiences working with animals in some very uninhabited parts of the world have really made me think. I’m not in the typical bubble of civilization that prohibits me from seeing the bigger picture of our world. My work quite literally makes me see the big picture. I have to put myself in the lives of every animal I photograph like in my photos of reindeers. It’s important to understand how they eat, rest, travel, fight and ultimately survive in this world. I can never just walk out into the wild and come back with the reindeer images I hoped to get. I have a responsibility to uphold my art.

A Responsibility to Wildlife

I was photographing pics of reindeers in The Svalbard Islands, a Norwegian archipelago. This icy clump of islands is wedged halfway between Norway and also the North Pole in the Arctic Ocean. The region is characterized by a heavy Arctic climate, with long fluctuating periods of darkness and also light. The animals that inhabit this land take advantage of midnight sun to make up for the polar night. Mother Nature does her best to remind travelers how far north they are. About 60% of Svalbard is covered with glaciers, mountains, and also fjords. Besides deer, Svalbard is also home to polar bears, Arctic foxes, and seabirds. Overall, a very beautiful place indeed. 

I was a visitor with a mission to take reindeer images. My passion for wildlife photography brought me to these deer who faced every challenge the land gave them. The work I took back with me would be a testament to their reality. I had an obligation to these deer to bring awareness to them and also their struggles. As I can never really compensate them directly, this became something I took seriously.

I feel as though my responsibility lies in bringing out the best of the places I visit and the wildlife I photograph. Bringing attention to real reindeer facts, climate change, and the state of our world. Not just the bad or scary parts either, I want to show the beauty in our world and encourage people to preserve it. This is a responsibility that I gladly take on. It brings purpose to my life and what I do. Doing what I love doesn’t feel like work, and taking on the responsibilities of that job doesn’t feel like a burden. 

Why is Responsibility Important? 

When we think of responsibility we picture a ball and chain that limits our freedom. However, in many ways, responsibility is a necessary complement to freedom. Our attitudes towards our obligations and our actions towards them empower us. We all have the choice to honor them.

I think about the people who buy wildlife photography from me. Whether it’s my reindeer images or Arctic fox photography, people see the world through my lens. I am responsible for any reindeer or Arctic fox facts I give my clients, as they give me their trust. And so I always do my best to not only capture the beautiful places and creatures that I visit but to fulfill my responsibility to them. Some jokingly asked if I took any image of Santa and reindeer. But I strive to bring awareness to the conversation and climate change, hoping that ultimately my art can inspire people. Even if I can change the hearts of the fraction of the population that my work meets, I’ll have upheld my responsibilities. I can be happy with that.


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