Snowy owl art


When we apply to college or for a new job, we might think that we have to know it all beforehand. We may feel like we have to go in knowing how to do the job or be proficient in the subject we want to study. The fact of the matter is that we go to these places to learn and improve ourselves. This is a very valuable quality to have in a person, adaptability. It’s the reason that employers and admission counselors look for teach-ability and the ability to constantly learn and evolve. It doesn’t matter how intelligent or strong someone is initially. What matters is how well can they adapt when they are in a situation and how easily can they learn to get comfortable in it.

I saw this for myself when I was in Canada photographing snowy owls. There was a smaller male owl who was hunting alongside two larger females. The females were giving him a hard time and competing with him for prey. Female snowy owls tend to be larger and stronger than male owls. While the three birds were hunting in the same area, the two females were faster hunters. They bullied the male away consistently. They constantly overpowered him and chased him away whenever he tried to swoop in for a kill. He was unsuccessful for a few days, which likely motivated him to adapt and find a better strategy.

At The End

When I came back the next day I saw him play out this strategy. He found a small tree to perch on while he studied the area looking for prey. When he saw something moving in the snow, he swooped in from his low perch. This strategy worked for him. He was able to grab up prey before the females had a chance to scare him away. He had learned to work with what resources he had and adapted his strategy to succeed in his hunt. This owl was a perfect example of how important adaptability is, even for you and me.

Snowy Owl Art Gallery

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Bring the best of nature onto your walls through Ejaz Khan Earth’s unique prints. Ejaz has traveled around the world, often in arduous conditions, to capture magnificent animals in their natural habitat. Each photograph tells a story, and each photograph evokes inspiration, emotion and thought. If you have questions about purchasing the prints, please message us below.


  • All of our wildlife and portraits limited edition art prints are signed, dated and numbered by Ejaz Khan.
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  • Our prints are so unique, like the biting horse, the yawning puma, and the musk oxen butting heads, you will never see them any other place in the world.


  • Our artwork is permanently face-mounted to plexiglass using a clear adhesive.
  • A brace will be mounted to the back on archival acid-free museum board, along with a french hanging cleat. The cleat could require additional hardware based on the composition of your wall.
  • Please note our standard plexiglass has a reflective surface which brings a different kind of feel to our wildlife and portrait images.


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