South India Afternoon.

Having spent five days in the dense forests of South India in search of the elusive Black Panther, I had lost my wits. My team was on edge, because of the frustration that I was exhibiting. There was little we could do; we were at the mercy of the Black Panther showing itself to us. 

All of a sudden my tracker stops dead in his tracks & with a hush points out to the silhouette of a magnificent beast coming up the ravine 35 to 40 feet away. It was a tigress, and all I could see was her beautiful face. 
Though I wasn’t there to photograph the Tigress, her beauty and grace were unmatched to any animal I had taken images off in the wild. I had no choice but to grab my camera and begin photographing. 

Sometimes in wildlife photography results are often different from what you set out to achieve, but a tigress so close was not even a thought. The lesson for me was who am I to complain, other than thank god for the opportunity to photograph one of the earth’s most graceful species. 


I always believed in giving back. When I began to realize how much damage has been done to the animals and the planet due to climate change, I knew I had to do something. The direction led me to conservation groups and organizations.

This is my journey.

On one of my expeditions to the Arctic, my Inuit tracker pointed in the distance to where a glacier once stood but has now disappeared. He had tears in his eyes while he spoke about it with me. There are countless examples of climate change around the world, but despite the red flags, as a big city dweller, I have ignored them…

As a fashion photographer, I pay models to work with me. As a wildlife photographer, I don’t pay my subjects. I WANT TO GIVE BACK TO THE ORGANIZATION that can help the animals I photograph.

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Bring the best of nature onto your walls through Ejaz Khan Earth’s unique prints. Ejaz has traveled around the world, often in arduous conditions, to capture magnificent animals in their natural habitat. Each photograph tells a story, and each photograph evokes inspiration, emotion and thought. If you have questions about purchasing the prints, please message us below.


  • All of our wildlife and portraits limited edition art prints are signed, dated and numbered by Ejaz Khan.
  • In order to protect the authenticity of our museum-quality prints, we provide a certificate of authenticity limiting the risk of falsification and duplication.
  • Certificates of authenticity are attached to the back of the frame.
  • Our prints are so unique, like the biting horse, the yawning puma, and the musk oxen butting heads, you will never see them any other place in the world.


  • Our artwork is permanently face-mounted to plexiglass using a clear adhesive.
  • A brace will be mounted to the back on archival acid-free museum board, along with a french hanging cleat. The cleat could require additional hardware based on the composition of your wall.
  • Please note our standard plexiglass has a reflective surface which brings a different kind of feel to our wildlife and portrait images.


  • We ship our unframed orders within 2 weeks, travel time could differ based on your location.
  • We ship our wooden framed orders within 3-4 weeks, travel time could differ based on your location.
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