This winter fox, among many other white fox pictures, was clicked in Svalbard when I was least expecting to capture something. You can buy photos online on my website.

I was back to a land where all I could see were shades of whites and blues. Back in the icy world of glaciers and also frozen tundra. Back in the land of the midnight sun in all its glory. In the blizzard-ridden sub-zero temperatures where powdered snow mercilessly swept the ground beneath. Back in the land where the arctic foxes scoped the frozen vastness, and where the majestic polar bear lumbered across miles of snow and also ice. I was back in Svalbard.

Swimming in self-doubt

The temperature was as cold as one could expect in the Arctic. Maybe even colder, if that was possible. I didn’t know one day from another. I was here to capture the polar bear but this trip had not been panning out the way I wanted it to. With plenty of winter fox, this time I didn’t want to end up only with fox photographs. Wildlife photography requires patience and also I felt I had not given myself enough time to capture what I wanted to. The control freak in me wanted to go back in time and pay more attention to the preproduction part of this trip. “If only I had given myself more time” is something I kept telling myself.

Something white and furry

It had been hours on this snowmobile as it rumbled past glaciers and snow-covered mountains and glaciers and snow-covered mountains and glaciers and snow-covered mountains, and then some more glaciers and snow-covered mountains. Distraught and also frankly a bit delusional,  I tried to look for my own reflection in the frozen walls around me. Just as I would have in the glass facades of the buildings back home in New York. Somewhere in between the torpor and also the self-criticism, I spotted some movement in the far white distance. Oh no, not a white fox again! With plenty of pictures of winter fox from my last trip, I was looking to click the polar bear this time.

Though I was not keen, we stopped our snowmobile in its tracks to see what would happen. The white fox kept inching closer and closer to us. Within minutes, it was only a few feet away from us. He was close enough for me to see his furry round paws and also the mischief in his eyes. Before I knew it, he was posing for. It took me less than a minute to bring out my camera to click the fox images. The rumbling sound of the snowmobile was now replaced by the clicks of my shutter. Wildlife photographers sometimes wait for hours if not days, for moments like this. I got it in less than ten minutes of spotting this fox.

“I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet” ― Helen Keller

Back in NYC

When I got back to my studio in NYC, I did not even bother to go over the pictures of the fox. Dejected, I continued to complain because I didn’t get the polar bear. I was so disappointed that I decided to delete all the images. After forcing myself to give them at least one glance, I came across this winter fox. Reality struck. I had been so ungrateful and whiney about this entire situation. So what if I hadn’t got the polar bear. I had come back with this gem of an image. And now people could buy these photos online as a result.


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Facts about the Winter Fox

The winter fox has a rounded body with short legs and also small ears. These features help it adapt to living in extremely cold environments. To warm itself, the winter fox curls its bushy tail around its body. Its paws are covered with thick fur which makes moving across the snow and ice easier. The winter fox can survive on the temperature of minus 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It lives in the underground burrows of the Arctic that have up to a hundred entrances. These burrows are hundred of years very old and have been used by numerous generations of the white fox.

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