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Bear Photography New York

Bear Photography New York

Bear Photography New York, best known for using the cutting-edge technologies to achieve fresh perspectives in my work. Our passion has always been pushing the boundaries of human endurance, coming as we did from the bylines of Mumbai to the Big Apple and exploring the harshest extremes of nature. We focuses on beauty of animals and the environmental changes they face.

Bear Photography New York enjoys challenging himself in new and odd destinations. Our work mostly depicts the animals’ and environment’s story. We give attention to every aspect of our craft and treat it professionally.

Bear Photography New York

I have been fortunate to learn to make myself one with my nature and surroundings and have shot the magnificent Musk Ox in Norway, the Puma in The Chilean Andes, the Arctic wolves in the arctic circle, the Alaskan Bear in Alaska and the magnificent Arabian Horses in the beautiful valleys of France.

Bear Photography New York borrows from the narrative techniques of the film/ fashion storytelling and transposes them onto his animal subjects. Even in the most treacherous weather, our determination to bring the conditions that these animals endure and survive is shown in our breathtaking works.

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