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Arctic. Early morning.

After riding on the snowmobile for 7.5 hrs, we reached our location. The next morning, my guide decided he wanted to scout the location for wolves. He handed me a gun to protect myself just incase a polor bear or the wolf pack decided to give me a visit and told me he would be back in 3 hrs.

I saw his snowmobile turn into a small speck and then completely disappeared. At first I felt a little overwhelmed, the magnitude of the landscape was so enormous, I felt so insecure and small in it. Thoughts of what would've happened if my guide got hurt and couldn't make it back to me? There were no roads and I didn't even know the direction we came from. How would I get back to civilization? Sitting down waiting for him was a bad decision, more that I thought of his return, the more I got nervous. I decided to take a walk. After walking for about 20 mins, I realized I didn't carry the gun he had given me was the icing on the cake.

What should I do? Should I walk back to get the gun? Or should I keep walking and get attacked? I stood still looking down for few minutes thinking. Then I realized I was there to photograph wildlife, not hurt them, why would they hurt me? The only reason why I was getting so nervous was because I was allowing my fears to get the better of me.

When I looked up, the landscape had changed. It was heaven.