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Upper Arctic, late morning. After staying on the ice for seven days, all of my energy was drained, and I just wanted to get back to humanity. Although I was feeling guilty about cutting my trip short, I didn’t have it in me to stay longer; I could not wait for the Arctic Wolves anymore. I reluctantly called off the expedition, packed all of my camera equipment and personal belongings, got onto the snowmobile, and started heading back to town which was seven to eight hours away. After riding for about an hour my guide stopped, he was smiling because he spotted a wolf, I instantly jumped up and put my camera together. They kept appearing from the empty horizon of snow one after the other; there were 8 in total. I was jittering with excitement; I could hear my heartbeat getting faster. 

They walked towards us. I kept on photographing them; they kept their eyes on me as well. When they got 20 feet away my guide pulled out his rifle. After they passed us I put down my camera and started to walk behind them; their energy pulled me towards them. The alpha male stopped and turned around to face me. I was 10 feet away from him. My guide yelled “Ejaz stop; I don’t want to shoot you by mistake!"

Even though my guide was yelling, what got me to stop was the message from the pack leader. When I saw the fur on the back of his neck stand straight up and the way he looked at me I caught on to his message.
Actions will always speak louder than words.

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