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The Arctic, late morning. Before Leaving for the Arctic my dear friend and her family took me out for dinner; they were very concerned about my safety, but at the same time were extremely encouraging and believed I would come back with beautiful images; everyone who loves me had the same belief, I was the only one question if I could get the images; I was nervous. 

Due to the harsh climate and isolation I had my first ever panic attack, I was going to quit even before reaching my destination, but I didn’t. My doubts carried with me even after I reached my destination, on the 2nd day, again I was going to give up and head back into town, but I didn’t. On the 7th day, Although I didn’t want to disappoint everyone, I couldn't take it anymore; I packed up and left for town. The only reason I kept going for as long as I did was that I didn’t want to disappoint the people who believe in me.

As I rode the snowmobile back to town a miracle happened; I came face to face with the wolf pack. I believe I was granted this miracle because I have so many people who believe in me. 

When people believe in you, you tend to do more; when you do more MIRACLES HAPPEN.