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Upper Arctic. Late morning. I have traveled to a lot of amazing beautiful places on our planet. I have yet to see a place as beautiful as the Arctic. It's very cold, very quiet, and very open. Every so often you can hear the ravens fly in the distance, the sky turn colors at 11:30pm and the snow glows as though it was a bed of pearls. It’s just simply BEAUTIFUL. 

On our way back to town, we had to ride over a glacier. When we reached the top, I stopped to take it all in. My guide walked over to me and gave me a reality check. Pointing at a distance, he told me another glacier stood right there, NOW ITS GONE. He had so much pain in his voice when he said that.

I looked at him in shock and started to think how could such a big glacier disappear? 

"Why are you shocked this is not new, it’s been happening for years, have you been living under a rock? Oh let me guess, you live in a big city and it does not affect you. IT'S ALL CHANGING FOR US." He said. 

It was in that very moment I realized how I have contributed to the disappearing of the glacier and if I keep living an ignorant life by not knowing how my actions on a daily bases affect our climate, then the bigger glacier will disappear too.