All works are limited edition, printed in-house & signed. All works are limited edition, printed in-house & signed.

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Upper Arctic. Late morning. The wolf you see in this image was the first one we spotted; then, we saw 8 of them. Each of them stood still at a distance. The first wolf was the only one who approached us cautiously — he would move 10 to 15 feet stop and then move closer again, until he passed me. After passing me, he turned around and went back towards the pack.

I immediately understood what he was doing: I believe his role in the pack was to investigate and alert his pack members of any dangers. When he was close to me I took my eyes off the view finder and allowed him to look at me clearly, so he could read that I was not a threat. We maintained eye contact at all times. Soon, the rest of his pack followed and walked past us. 

Energy is Energy: if your intentions are good — whether you are in front of a wolf or a human — they will read into it.