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Upper Arctic late morning. When I was planning for my Arctic expedition, I was told, by other photographers who had traveled up to the high Arctic, that I should give myself more time: as weather conditions can be very unpredictable. I know photographers have spent years going up to the Arctic -- again and again -- and have not managed to capture the Arctic wolf, or even see one, but have a great experience traveling in the Arctic. I should have at least listened to the advice given to me.

Knowing all this information, I still made my schedule so tight; as if I was planning my fashion editorial in New York City. I gave myself 11 days. After struggling with the cold and not even catching a glimpse of the Arctic wolf I gave up and decided to head back to town. I was very unhappy with myself; I just kept repeating in my head “I wish I had planned better and given myself more time.” My schedule did not allow for any mistakes: bad weather, equipment problems, or not being able to cope with the conditions, etc.

If I had listened and planned for more time on the ice, then, my mind would have adapted and given me the strength I needed to bear the conditions to stay longer.

I just got LUCKY and was granted the gift of photographing these wolves on my way back to town.

I have learned from my mistake.