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Beaufort, North Carolina: The sun was descending over the horizon as I came upon some wild horses grazing on saltwater grass. I was surprised by how close they had allowed me to approach. Given the circumstances, I realized that my long lens was not optimal. I grabbed my tripod and took a few paces back to put some distance between us. I feared they would bolt, leaving me with nothing to document this incredible encounter. Suddenly, behind me, I heard neighing. I turned around to see a stallion ready to pounce on another. I captured this photograph immediately. Everything in this image seems to work. The stallion's mane stands rigid against the wind, to me, he resembles a Roman centurion gearing up for battle.

You can buy this wild stallion photograph in four sizes we print them on Kodak metallic paper then with a special adhesive glue it to plexiglass, our black and white pictures are museum quality, and we have a lifelong guarantee on them. In your home or office, the horse photo will for sure give a feeling that will positively move you throughout the day. Visit our gallery in New York or buy it online.

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