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Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. Early evening. 
Recently I have been trying to change my patterns of thinking so that I can create new results. My patterns are so repetitious that I don’t allow my self to do new things. One of the things I want to change is having an open mind. 

I usually use a particular lens to photograph horses. I have convinced myself to believe that this lens gives the best results.

This time I purposely left my standard lens at the hotel. When I reached the location, I had a panic attack. I had convinced myself that I had made a big mistake. I almost called off the shoot. Reluctantly I picked up the new lens and started to photograph. This lens was a lot smaller, less cumbersome and I didn’t have to kill my self carrying it. At the end of the shoot, I realized the results were the same, and I could move freely.

The key to breaking my pattern was not giving my self a choice. Sometimes we do things we feel are right, but only if we allow ourselves to try new ways the results could be the same or better with less effort. 

I am blessed to be able to work on fine art horse photography; I have been taking images of mustangs, stallions, and creating equine art for a long time. Printing on Kodak metallic paper makes these pictures come to life. We display them at our New York art gallery in the largest size, but you can purchase them in four different sizes. 


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