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Sainte-Marie-de-la-Mer, early evening. We know what it means to chase your tail?. Believe me; it doesn't apply here. These horses are going in circles, but they're not chasing their tails. They are gearing up for about. They're pushing each other around to find a weak spot. Soon, they will go at each other like warriors. Horses are gentle by nature, but they're also prideful. They'll fight for a long time to prove who's the strongest. The winner gets all the mares and passes his genes forward. Horses seem to have their ranking system? That is predicated on physical superiority, where human beings tend to equate wealth with status.

We show the largest size equine prints at our art gallery in New York, but you can order any of the four different sizes of our fine art pictures to fit your home or office. All our photos are printed on Kodak metallic paper then with a special adhesive mounted on plexiglass.   

View our short film of the Camargue horse. 

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