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Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, early morning. I went to bed as early as possible; I wanted to photograph the horses at sunrise. Next morning I arrived at the location around 5:30 am. I had hoped for a brilliant sunrise; instead, the light was poor, and the overall atmosphere was gloomy.

The horses plunged into the water one by one and began marching like soldiers in formation. I wanted to capture the ninety-degree bend in the horse's legs as they raised them while running. The water level was too high, making it an exceedingly difficult task for them. No matter how high the horses lifted their legs, I could not get what I was aiming for.

I was frustrated with the conditions and was ready to call it a day. Then I realized I was so fortunate to be there, I let go of my original idea and opted to stay in the moment. The result was this photograph. I captured something different than what I had planned. If you keep an open mind and stay in the moment, the result may exceed your expectations.