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Bombay, India. I seldom travel to India, this picture is from a recent trip. I traveled to Bombay, to visit family and friends. I was walking down the street, camera in hand, with a friend I had grown up with. I saw this woman walking on the opposite side of the street. I was transfixed by the story that was written on her face. I asked if I could take her picture but she repeatedly refused. Her pride kept her from giving in to this stranger.

My friend was so embarrassed that he walked away from me. The woman kept saying "go take a picture of someone else!". I told the woman I wanted to photograph her because of her simple beauty and because of the character etched in her face. Finally, my sincerity won her over and she conceded. I feel privileged to have taken an image of this woman who surely has a story to tell.

Maybe our paths will cross again. I hope she'll have faith in me to speak openly about her life.