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Yellow Stone National Park. This was shot at about 7:30 am. I had decided to get out of my vehicle and walk towards this massive bison. He must have been standing in place overnight as there were no trail marks on the fresh snow. It confounds me how they can stand in one place for such an extended period of time. I approached the bison; at about twenty feet, he lifted his head and gave me a look that said, "back off,". I heard him loud and clear. I stayed twenty feet away to photograph him. The snow was up to my knees/lower thigh. It occurred to me,"if he charges, I won't be able to run away...". I had committed a foolish mistake. Standing frozen in my tracks, I did not know what my next move would be. Thankfully, the bull was unable to find more food and ended up wandering off in the other direction. This allowed me to slowly trudge back to my car with little fear of attack.