All works are limited edition, printed in-house & signed. All works are limited edition, printed in-house & signed.

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Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. Early evening. I was having a personal situation back home in NYC and had no desire to photograph. It was suppose to rain but due to my mind being preoccupied, I had forgotten the rain cover for my camera. Honestly, it was just to give me a excuse. 

The horses started to run at us, I stood and looked at them blankly not even lifting my camera. I was having a rough day and was looking for some attention. 

Then I saw a friend who’s wife of 20 years had just asked him for a divorce. He was working so hard to make this shoot work, I on the other hand was sulking. After seeing his energy, I was ashamed of myself. I realized, I can’t be so self centered, what I do requires team work. It's a job, a job I love and I am lucky to have such a job. My friend's energy inspired me to look at the glass half full instead of being a cry baby. 

Grass is always greener on the other side unless you learn how to look.