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Arctic morning. I was in my tent, bored, frustrated, and lonely, waiting for wolves. I look outside my tent and in a distance I see something white move. I have a smile ear to ear. I have heard about photographers going to the Arctic for years and not being successful in capturing photographs of the Arctic wolf in the winter. I immediately thank God for this opportunity. 
As it gets closer to me my excitement fades as I realize it’s not a wolf, but in fact it’s a fox. I am disappointed. I come out of my tent not caring if it sees me or runs away. The fox looks at me and stops, I look at the fox and stop moving. We are both at a stand still. I take a step forward, and the fox does the same. We both continue to take one step at a time until we are 1 foot away from each other. At this point I want to pet him but I also know medical help is at least 7 hrs away. I walk back to my camera, he walks with me. I look through my lens but he is too close, so I start talking to him as if he understands me. I ask him to go at least 8 feet away, and obviously he looks at me as though I am speaking a foreign language. I chase him and he runs away, but I am away from my camera, so I run back and he runs behind me. He's still too close to the camera that I can’t photograph. I chase him again, then I run back to my camera but he runs right back with me, again. We play like this for hours.

I was hoping to photograph wolves but I got a fox. Sometimes we wish for things we want, but we get what we really need. At this point in the Arctic I needed a HUMAN touch so I got a Fox.