All works are limited edition, printed in-house & signed. All works are limited edition, printed in-house & signed.

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Sainte Marie de la Mer- Early morning. This trip I wanted to show how graceful these majestic animals are, when they glide through air. The way I had chosen to do this was by showing the movement in their legs; I decided to shoot blurs. I told every one around me I was going to be shooting blurs, the reactions were mixed. I got some frowns but did not pay much mind to it. After photographing for day and night; 3 days passed and I had nothing to show for it. I was finding it very difficult to keep the eyes of the horses sharp enough while still blurring the legs. I started to question my ability to achieve blurs. I actually started to question my capabilities as an image maker.
Everyone around me had started to call me the "master blur." "Ejaz The Master blur," they would say it and laugh. Honestly, I kinda hated it. As the days passed and the end of the trip came closer my nerves were shot. But I kept a smile on my face, pretending to be in total control. Fact was I was in a panic, so much so that on my second last day I decided to go get a massage.
My mind kept saying "give it up Ejaz give it up just go back to shooting the regular way." I was tormented with the title ''master blur."
The next morning I was a little more calm, as we were photographing two stallions sparring. They were not running which meant no blurs. Boy, was I relieved. As we waited for them to spar one of the horses just took off, he just didn't want to spar; he wanted to run free. I wanted to run free as well, free from the word BLUR. Seeing him run away sudden something came over me, I didn't care about the result (a blur). I did what I felt to have fun and be in the moment, as soon as I let go and started to enjoy the moment it came to me, I landed up with this blur.

It's funny how animals have thought me lessons. He wanted to run free and be in the moment. I wasn't able to be Free because I was running after a result and I was not in the moment.