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Arctic. Late morning. 
I have been in the Arctic for a couple of days, nothing is going the way I want it to, it’s very cold, nothing around me is familiar. Every moment is spent figuring out how to protect my self from the cold. No internet, no loved ones, I have no control. 
I’ve travelled all the way to shoot wolves, but they are nowhere to be found. 
I am feeling miserable. 

On the 4th day, my guide and I decided to give me the day off from sitting in the tent and waiting for the wolves, so we decided to take a ride and explore. .
The scenery is as good as being in heaven. For the first time in few days I felt happy, I was in the moment.

We came across 12 Musk Oxen. I got on the back of his snow mobile and took photographs of them running. Every thing was absolutely perfect; it was not cold, every thing around me was stunning. At this point I lost the fear of the cold. I knew my loved ones were doing well. I was enjoying the land, I didn’t need the internet. I begin photographing Musk Oxen. 

I was just miserable in my head, but being in the moment changed every thing. Even though the environment and the circumstances stayed the same.