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Saintes-Marie’s-de-la-Mer - Late evening. 

We were walking to the location, and it was very hazy, it looked like it was going to rain any minute. Bad weather typically excites me, but I had forgotten to bring protection for my camera. I kept telling myself, "The camera will get damaged in the rain." And I must stop this shoot. 

It started to drizzle, my mind began to play games by bringing up thoughts such as “you will lose your camera,” “what will you do without a camera for the rest of your trip,” “is this shoot worth the risk?”. I stood by the shore, confused. Then I realize I had taken this very same camera in a -38° snowstorm, without any protection and the camera did amazingly well. I decided to let go of all the negative thoughts and started photographing. 

My camera held up well, and I had fun in the rain. 

One positive thought is more powerful than thousands of bad ones.