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Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. Early evening. I have been photographing horses in France for about five years. On location whenever I get a good photograph I’ll scream and jump in excitement; this keeps the energy positive, and we all go home happy. 

Everyone including the horses, were doing what they were supposed to do, but this time I did not have the right energy; I was down. 
On location, I was very quiet and stayed to myself. I was not doing my job well, and the photographs were reflecting on how I felt. 

When the horses walked over to me, after their run, I would rub them on their forehead or jaw and make them feel loved.
This time I just ignored them. 
This horse was persistent and would not walk away; he nudged me with his nose until I rubbed him on his forehead. 

When he started the last run, he gave me a look saying "I am doing my job you should do yours." His gaze made me realize privilege comes with responsibility and I must up my game. 

We must do our job first before expecting anything from others.