All works are limited edition, printed in-house & signed. All works are limited edition, printed in-house & signed.

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Chile. Early morning. 

We had walked for hours. The male puma allowed us to get close and photograph him. But that didn’t last long. Once he left we started to look for foot prints of the mother and the cub. 

The shrubs and the dried grass are no more then three feet tall; tracking the mother and the Cubs footprints lead us to a cluster of dried grass. All of a sudden I felt something staring right at me; my tracker pulled me by my hood and pointed out the puma that was staring right at us through the dried grass; it was only five feet away. 

It was a very strange feeling: it was calming but at the same time very concerning. I stepped backwards extremely slowly, then dropped down so that I was level with the puma and started to take pictures. 

At first, due to the anxiousness, I could not focus through the dried grass onto her face. Then I reminded myself I had a huge camera between her and I and that nothing would go wrong. After my nerves settled so did the image.