All works are limited edition, printed in-house & signed. All works are limited edition, printed in-house & signed.

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FASHION. Chile. Early morning. We have walked, for hours in search of the puma, up the mountain and down the mountain a few times. With 38 lbs of equipment on my back, I was drenched in sweat despite of the snow and -4 degree weather. I was over dressed because my last trip to the Arctic was extremely cold, so I was concerned during this trip.

All of a sudden we heard the Guanacos calling out, warning each other about the puma in their vicinity. I was so excited, I forgot about the weight and the sweat. Once we spotted the puma and began to walk towards it, it started to walk parallel to us. Of course, I could not keep up with its speed, so we followed its foot prints. 

After a lot of panting, we saw the puma sit on top of the cliff. Slowly we inched in and reached 20 feet from her, it was obvious she was letting us get close. 

I got on my elbows with my camera. My heart was racing 500 mph because she was filling my camera frame and I was so happy. After 5 minutes, she heard a puma calling from another mountain. When she started to walk away her stance made me feel as though I was photographing fashion. We tried to follow her down the cliff but the drop was at least 700 ft. 

It was a wrap.