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Chile. Early morning. I was in the truck when we first spotted this puma, then he saw us get off and walked towards him. Within seconds, he disappeared. The shrubs were no more than 2 feet tall, but he hid in between them, it showed how well adapted they are to their environment. 

I was concerned as this puma could have been hidden anywhere and if we startled him, he would attack. My tracker, on the contrary, knew we were being stalked by the puma, that was a little weird to know. It was a game of hide and seek.
Suddenly, we heard a guanaco from top of the mountain calling to give away the puma's position. All we had to do was look in the direction where the guanaco was looking. Sure enough, the puma had to reveal himself; he knew he couldn't hide anymore. I was given the opportunity to photograph this image. 

Nature leaves enough clues; we must learn to look.