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Sainte-Marie-de-la-Mer. Evening.

Sometimes in between an argument, I realize that I don't even know what the argument is all about but I keep going because I must. The horse that is turning his head has reached a point where he knows this fight does not make any sense, in the beginning, both gave it their best, soon the smarter one realized they were not competing for mare or food and stopped fighting. He is bigger and looked much stronger, but without the need to competing for mayors or food, this fight to him did not make sense, and he stopped, the one above just kept going. In the end, the aggressive one was so exhausted that he could barely walk. In life, the smart one always wins the race.

I have been photographing horses for a long time, capturing their behavior is a gift especially when I see images printed in life size on Kodak metallic photo paper and then with special adhesive put on plexiglass, they all come back to life again. When you visit our New York gallery, you will know what I mean about our equestrian art. Our black and white horse photos will put a massive smile on your face when you use it as wall art in your home. I feel great around stallions, mustangs, wild horses or race horses you can too. 

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