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Beaufort, North Carolina. I had tracked these wild horses for the better part of an unbearably hot day. The horses were rather subdued due to their thirst and fatigue. Not surprisingly, they were more interested in grazing and drinking water than each other, which disappointed me. I had hoped for an action shot. I was about to call it quits when I saw another herd approach.

There were two stallions in each herd- a confrontation was inevitable. Wildlife photography is all about opportunity and timing. I planted my tripod in the water and waited. Within minutes, the stallions were sparring. To my amusement, the mares didn't seem to care at all. They continued to graze instead.

The fight lasted five minutes-an eternity in the wild. This photo is taken from one of my first attempts at shooting horses. I was so entranced that I found myself fumbling for the camera. I nearly forgot which button to push. At the last minute, I managed to get my camera settings right. To this day, I'm amazed I actually got this!