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France early evening.
I travel to this ranch few times a year to photograph horses, doing the same thing, again and again, makes you better at it, but you must push every time to better your efforts or else it could get boring. I was struggling with the same. I wanted to photograph these horses, but I didn't know how to put more effort, it had become monotonous.

I normally freeze the action, this time I wanted to show motion, but I also wanted to keep the same emotion of movement and power. Blurs was the decision.
I thought it would be easy, pan to follow the horse's speed, focus on the eye, and you have the image. Not that simple.

After my attempts for several days, I landed this image. The goal was to get the eyes sharp of all horses in frame legs and background blurry. Just like everything in life timing has to be just right, I did my best and prayed that I got all the eyes sharp. It would make an interesting image. So I THOUGHT. I only got the eyes of one horse to be sharp. Who knows how it would look if all their eyes were sharp. NOW I LIKE THIS OUTCOME.

We should do our best and ALLOW time to do the rest; you may just get better results then you expected.


It's a blessing to be able to work on fine art horse photography. Traveling around the world and coming back to share images of mustangs and stallions, is a true gift. I welcome all lovers of Wildlife and Art to my New York art gallery. You can shop our equine photo prints here online and by visiting our gallery.


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