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Wyoming, early morning. I was told I would have the opportunity to photograph lots of horses the next morning. I had no clue I would be photographing over 50 horses. I wanted to get a low angle, so I laid in the snow waiting for the horses. When they started to run towards me, I realized I was buried in the snow. I had no choice but to get up on my knees; I wanted the horses to see me. In actuality, my nerves gave into fear when the ground trembled. Just being around, so many horses were such a privilege.


Immerse yourself with the horses as they speed through the white snow like wild stallions. Each equine photo can be printed to life-size on Kodak metallic photo paper to emphasis every single detail of the horses and the snowy scenery. Either unframed, wooden frame, or plexiglass, the choice is all yours. Visit our New York gallery, to truly appreciate the beauty of our equestrian art. 


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