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Sainte-Marie-de-la-Mer, early evening. Sometimes I wonder why humans don't trust each other the way animals do. These two refused to get in the water, despite being prodded by the horseman. Finally, one horse jumped in; immediately after, the second horse followed the first. Wherever the first horse ran, the second followed. When they came closer I realized the second one was weaker. He trusted the stronger horse would do the right thing.

The stronger horse always looked over his shoulder to make sure the weaker one was following. He slowed down if the other fell too far behind. I followed them for a while- the pattern continued.

What a great quality to have! How amazing is that?!


Each equine photo can be printed to life-size on Kodak metallic photo paper to emphasis every single detail of the horses and the scenery. Either unframed, wooden frame, or plexiglass, the choice is all yours. Visit our New York gallery, to truly appreciate the raw emotion of our equestrian art. 


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