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Saintes-Marie’s-de-la-Mer, Late evening. 

Getting to this location required walking through deep marshes. The mosquitoes were the size of helicopters and attack no matter what kind of protection you have on. I am walking behind a fellow photographer and all of a sudden; she falls back into the water... My first action was to get her camera bag out of the water. Funny enough, she thanked me for getting her bag out first. She had fallen because of a hole in the murky water. Thankfully, there were no injuries, and we continued our shoot.

Later that night, I sat in bed questioning my morals. Why did I rescue the camera bag before the human in front of me? I beat myself all night and the next morning; I apologized to her over and over again. She thanked me once more, yet she still insisted that I did the right thing by saving her equipment before her. Today, I still question my morals. Why can’t I get over it? What is equipment without someone to wield it?

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